Syntech™ Shoot More Challenge

The Syntech Shoot More Challenge gave shooters a reason to choose Syntech over the competition. And whether it was the better handling, better aim or just the overall better shooting experience, the decision was unanimous: Syntech simply shoots better.

About The Challenge

2,800 rounds. 63 Shooters. One definitive answer.

Syntech uses an exclusive polymer coating, clean-burning powder and a lead-free primer to keep your gun cooler and cleaner longer. But we don't expect you to just take our word on it - we proved it on the range.

Enter the Syntech Shoot More Challenge, an event that asked shooters to compare Syntech against a competitive ammunition brand. Almost all shooters noticed a clear difference in heat, smoke and recoil. And every shooter agreed that Syntech was ammunition they want to shoot again and again.

Syntech Experience

Syntech™Shoot More Challenge

Introducing American Eagle® Syntech™ from Federal®. Its Catalyst™ high-performance lead-free primer provides the cleanest, most complete ignition ever. With less felt recoil, you'll shoot Syntech better, and you'll shoot more thanks to its TSJ™ bullet. The polymer coating reduces heat and friction in the barrel and creates less splashback.

Proving it With a Bang

Syntech is different in a way that you can feel. The coating reduces harsh metal-on-metal contact between bullet and bore, eliminating copper and lead fouling. Shooters at the Syntech Shoot More Challenge agreed: less smoke and recoil make for a cleaner, more accurate shooting experience. Watch the video to hear it for yourself.

Reactions At The Range

Three state-of-the-art shooting ranges from different corners of the country recently took part in the Syntech Shoot More Challenge. The results left the facilities and shooters who participated with a whole new view of what they expect and demand from range ammunition.

See What They Said »

12 Percent Cooler

Everyone agreed, the synthetic coating reduced heat and friction in the barrel. And with a 12 percent cooler shot, that's more time shooting and less time worrying about barrel wear.

50 Percent Less Smoke

Almost all shooters noticed that Syntech shot cleaner. Because of the clean-burning powder and a lead-free primer, they felt they'd be able to shoot more without cleaning their guns as often.

Less Recoil

Shooters noted that they could keep on target easier with reduced recoil, meaning more accuracy in every shot. This distinction gave shooters the feeling that they could outperform their best days at the range.