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Black Cloud® FS Steel® Close Range

Black Cloud® Close Range waterfowl ammunition uses a 100 percent FLITESTOPPER® payload to achieve a full pattern within a very short distance, making it ideal for decoying or hunting flooded timber. Equipped with the FLITECONTROL FLEX™ wad, it delivers improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard waterfowl chokes. The efficient Catalyst™ lead-free primer and clean-burning, temperature-stable propellant significantly decrease residue in the barrel.

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PART #UseGaugeShell Length IN / MMMuzzle VelocityWeight Ounces / GrainsSlug Type / Shot SizeReviews

PWBXD142 2

Large Ducks123 / 7614501 1/4 / 35.442

PWBXD142 3

Large Ducks123 / 7614501 1/4 / 35.443

PWBXD209 2

Large Ducks203 / 7613501 / 28.352

PWBXD209 4

Large Ducks203 / 7613501 / 28.354

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